The Great Big Chocolate Experience

The Great Big Chocolate Experience

Ever wonder what it would be like to win a Golden Ticket, well Willy Wonka eat your chocolate heart out … Eco-licious presents ...

The Great Big Chocolate Experience

A cornucopia, of luscious mouth watering treats to tempt you. Take a ride down this chocolate river, spend a little time down by Caramel Corner before heading off to Naughty Nugget Way. As your taste buds scream in delight as these delicious delicacies dazzle you.

No need for Guilt though, remember Cacao is a Superfood … and these Raw Chocolates are super scrumptious. No refined sugar, sensationally sweetened with natural sweeteners, even the caramel is healthy. From nut clusters to a raw snicker or a Chunky Monkey or two, try it all. Have a little or have a lot, try this one or seconds on that one, one price covers it all … there is no doubt, this will be the tastiest ticket in town.

This event will certainly sell out as seating is limited, so don’t delay , get your ticket today.

As Willy Wonka would say “You should never ever doubt, what nobody is sure about”.

German Chocolate cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Cheese Cake
Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake
Bon bons
Chocolate loads more...
Hot Chocolate for those who want to get a start to the festive season, we will have Chocolate daiquiris with or without alcohol!!

We will also have prizes!

The event will cost 39 € and needs to be paid in advance, this can be done on our web site ›› or at Bellaria. Booking early is very essential as already the event is half booked.

The times are 12–14 OR 15–17, so pick your session and book accordingly.

Welcome to Bellaria December 14! 

Times and Address


    December 14


    12–2 PM and 3–5 PM

  •   Terra Sana in Nueva Andalucia
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