We make it easy to stay healthy.

RAW Lunches every Monday • Wednesday • Friday

FRE DELIVERY in the Marbella Area, or pick up at Bellaria Café in Nueva Andalucia.

These healthy tasty lunches are available on Mondays, Wendesdays and Fridays, but must be ordered a day in advance.

They included a choice from the below list of tasty salads, as well as your choice of main course, and even a sweet healthy treat of a Raw Truffle to finish off the meal. All for the special price of 12 euros.

Asian Crunch, cabbage and a host of crunch veg all topped with a sesame dressing, and “roasted activated Almonds” (the raw health way)

Kale Lemon Crush, Packed with flavor and topped with seasoned pumpkin seeds … Kale has never tasted so good.

Waldorf, This classic salad, mixes apple and raisins, the raw version of parmasian with a creamy dressing … its everything you want a salad to be.

Quiches Kisses … a variety of 5 different Raw Quiches … taste like cheese and egg … but a healthier Raw Version.

Summer Rolls … Fresh Vegetables, pickled ginger, fresh mango … served with a savory plum sauce.

Samosa’s … with a fresh light hint of curry, served with a tzeteki sauce, you will be amazed these are raw

Raw Lasagna … 100% Raw and Vegan, but you will get a meaty and cheese flazor

Finish you meal off with one of our truffles … You may be tempted to start the meal with this flavorful treat … but it’s worth the wait.

PLEASE write in comments when you check out your choice of Salad and Main!


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  • Our lunches contain …
    All vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, superfoods
    Un-cooked, so all the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes are intake
    To gain texture, we dehydratd, ferment, blend and more
    Made with love and 100% great taste!
  • What they don’t include ...
    Meat, Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Lactose, Chemicals