Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

NEW! Michelle's Handmade Raw Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Perfection

Our chocolate made with the finest high quality ingredients you will love.

All Chocolate is raw and tempered, the healthy way to satisfy those chocolate cravings we all love.
100 % Raw & Organic. Free delivery in Marbella Area.

Each bar is 100g | Price € 7.00 – Buy 4 and pay only €20 – Save €8

Melt your Heart

This bar is smooth and creamy and has 70% Cocoa. We only use coconut sugar in our bars and the finest Vanilla.

Kool Crunch

70% Cocoa with a peppermint crunch that is made with sprouted buckwheat.

Pucker Me Tangerine

70% Cocoa with a tangy tangerine crunch. Made with cocoa nibs and sprouted buckwheat!

Rum Raisin

70% with a rum and raisin flavor!

Strengthen Me

For lovers of Dark Chocolate, this smooth bar contains 80% cocoa, coconut sugar and vanilla.

Mylk Me

This is a real winner for people who love milk chocolate, but without the dairy!