Michelle's Delicious Raw Chocolate

Our aim is to provide, not just great, but nutrition that promotes the healthiest life style

The company was founded by a husband and wife team, with experience not just as an accomplished Chef, published cook books, but also in the catering services and ownership of award winning restaurants. In addition as a licensed Nutritionist, you can rest assured, that the recipes and meals will provide for all your health needs.

We specialize in Raw Vegan cuisine, which basically means, it is 100% vegan, but also nothing cooked over 120 degrees, meaning all vital nutrients remain in food, which contains no meat, no dairy, no gluten … only 100% great taste and nutrition.


Sara Martin Blanco "Biggest thanks ever to Michelle and Jim Julian from Eco-licious / Raw Food Passion for keeping us well nourished throughout the weekend! #rawfood #loveeverymoment #superfood #nomnom "

Sara Martin Blanco Organizer Yoga Workshops

Anick Cogny Legrand "The Raw Food Breakfast today was really GREAT and so creative (as all the workshops). Thank you so much Michelle and Jim. "

Anick Cogny Legrand Workshop attendee

Carrie "I was so lucky to attend Michelle and Jim's raw beginnings workshop on my quick visit to spain this time.
The session was chokka block with invaluable snippets of intelligent tips and guidance for nutrition health, to begin with. To follow were the practical demonstrations of the varying stages of preparing raw delights.... Wow, I was rather blown away by the incredibly tasty dishes we shared, and the ideas on flavours were so unique.
With gratitude.... "

Carrie UK

Charlotta Östing "Thankyou for a very inspiring workshop-you are a real artist... I hope you really reach out with your knowledge-you are a jewel ! "

Charlotta Östing Dr. of Naprapathy, Acupuncturist

Clara Pierucci "This workshop was a big WOW, really, thank you Michelle so much, I never imagined that I could find all the different textures and flavors in Mexican Raw Food. It was a very pleasant and yummy surprise. Cant wait for the fermentation…"
Thank you Michelle, it was a beautiful workshop. the chocolates where mouth watering and delicious. I found that the recipes where very creative and full of super foods which makes them highly nutritious! Cant wait for the next one!" "

Clara Pierucci Chef

Gail S "Fantastic evening at the your workshop. Amazing chocolate and can't wait to learn more about Raw Food. Whens Pizza night? Thank you!! "

Gail S Workshop attendee

Hannah Murray "I’ve done the raw chocolate workshop TWICE! It was that good (and tasty) the first time around, I had to do it again! Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and explains what we’re doing and why, as we go along. I can highly recommend her workshops to anyone who loves chocolate and cares about healthy living. "

Hannah Murray Presenter on Talk Radio Europe

Lauren "Our family would like to express what a great gift it was to have Michelle and Jim cooking for us during the two weeks we were recently in Spain. First of all, they were incredibly accommodating to our special diets and created delicious, flavorful and creative dishes from the things we could eat. Everything was wonderfully tasty--similar to what you would find in a great restaurant. We always felt satisfied from their food. The ingredients were all organic, extremely fresh and high quality. They were extremely reliable which was appreciated during our busy schedule....they arranged for meals to be prepared for both lunch and dinner. She was even so kind as to get anything extra that needed while in town. Being a nutritionist, parents and gourmet cooks, they knows how to make delicious and nutritious food that feels like mother's cooking. You would be very hard pressed to find anyone like this anywhere. The only pinch was returning home and adjusting to not having the amazing and varied meals. We would unconditionally recommend Michelle and Jim's catering for anyone wishing to nourish body and mind and enjoy wonderful taste at the same time. "

Lauren UK